New website is coming!

September 26, 2018

New year, new plan! I’ve been working on a new website for a while now and it’s looking like it might be ready very soon!

I’m excited to show it to you very soon! It’s all part of my effort to revise and refresh my music, my image (notice the haircut?) and my game plan going forward. Lots more music and video coming this year, and I am looking for some good people to join me in making this music possible and getting it out to a wider audience than ever.

Visit my Patreon page for more info on how you can join my elite team of superfans and friends. Together, we can make waves in 2019!

Every year, I renew my contract with myself. This year, I’m trying to change the job description…

If being self-employed for 24 years has taught me anything, it’s that being simultaneously your own boss and your own employee is inviting a certain kind of neurosis that entrepreneurs uniquely understand. You make the plan, and then you order yourself to carry it out, requiring you to assert  power over yourself, which is kind of like self-control, but not really. It’s more like a sequence of bold pronouncements, usually lofty financial goals, achieved by implementing the latest marketing strategies, followed by list-making, immediately followed by procrastination, despair, and then frantic action motivated by fear.

This year is no different in that sense, but I have been working on a game plan and I think the plan is a good one. It may take a little bit to get some forward momentum and build in new habits, but it’s got promise.

It’s basically to complement my touring business with an expanding online business.

Right now I make most of my money schlepping gear into theatres, churches, homes, bookstores, corporate head offices and festival stages across the country, to the tune of over 100 shows a year. I love it, but it takes me away from my family and we have a kid with special needs. So I need to pare it down to the essentials and play the gigs that have higher impact.

I also have a burgeoning online business with Patreon, creating video and audio content and delivering it directly to the people who made it possible. That content is then sent over to the ‘socials’ (FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and makes new fans there. It’s a great platform, and has really made some cool things possible, and the potential for growth is huge when you combine the new videos we have planned with the machinery of modern re-marketing to add jet fuel to the fire.

So it’s more of the songs and videos that you love, with a new commitment to bringing you more of what made me want to become a musician in the first place. Looking back at how cool it was to rub shoulders with Gordon Lightfoot, Rush and Marillion, it makes me want to do more of that kind of work, with even more creativity.

In order to reach my potential in terms of bringing more great music to more people and bringing the light into dark places, which has always been my mission but seems more urgent than ever today—
I need you.

Please consider making the leap to becoming more than just a casual fan, but more like a Patron of the Arts (PoTA?). Patrons of old were kindly old rich dudes who gave bags of gold to Mozart and Beethoven.

Modern day patrons are regular folks who maybe have an extra $5 every month that they put towards helping an artist they love make more of the stuff they both love.

Simple. Powerful. 

And above all, doable. Join me today at and let’s see if we can make the world a little more beautiful together.

thanks guys!


New Video is getting a lot of attention! ‘The Crow on The Cradle’

March 23, 2018

This new arrangement of a Sydney Carter protest song from the 60s is newly relevant today, with the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES happening all over the US and Canada this weekend.

CBC Radio played it today, and it’s been seen thousands of times on Facebook already since its release last week.

Here’s the song for you to check out:

And if you like what you see/hear consider becoming a Patron for as little as $1 a month. Every little bit helps me keep the music coming!

NEW Patreon video: ‘Mexico’cover (James Taylor)

January 23, 2018



Here it is folks! Hundreds of pictures and video clips were lovingly curated from my vacation pics into the shots you see in this little 3-minute video. We also tracked 24 instruments for the Mexico cover song, including some inspiration from not only James Taylor, but also Steely Dan (extra points if can you hear the ‘Do it Again’ sample in the percussion mix). I got some expert help on the percussion, keys and mastering from Joel Parisien. Thanks pal!

Dig the tune? Help me get to 100 Patrons this month on Patreon, so I can bring you more great music and video! Patrons are people who give a $1 or more per video to help me stay home and work on new content for YOU!

Thanks guys!



New song! ‘Time Stand Still’ cover (RUSH) featuring David Barrett!

November 7, 2017

Hey guys! It’s finally here!

The acoustic cover of Time Stand Still is on CDBaby and iTunes now.

Get it here at

or at

New VIDEO! His Eye Is On the Sparrow

October 4, 2017

Hey guys! Here’s a new video that I just made of ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’.

Please share it around!

New Video!

I have started a new job. I’m making videos for YOU at PATREON!

October 1, 2017

I have never been one to look for a straight job. That’s why this new gig of mine is so exciting—it’s anything but a 9-5 grind, and the creative possibilities are limitless!

Maybe you’ve been a steadfast supporter for a while, and you’re curious about PATREON. It’s a new platform that allows artists to spend their time making art for their followers, and those supporters in turn commit their $ so that the creative content keeps coming. It’s like the old patronage model, but for regular folks (you don’t have to be rich to commit to the $1 level).

I hope you’ll check out this new, exciting new space and join me there—your support will make all the difference in the world to my creative process! Maybe you’re discovering my music for the first time. WELCOME! Whatever brought you here, I want to  extend my appreciation for your valuable time.

Here, I will be making weekly music video segments—just for you!

Looking back, all my career highlights have been kickstarted by a successful, well-made video. Now I am looking for my next breakthrough, and I believe it will come from making more quality, engaging videos, on a regular basis, plus exclusive content for YOU, my faithful friends.

I will bring you Looping Videos, Covers, Originals, Lessons, Product reviews, Interviews, Behind-the-scenes, Collaborations and more! I can’t wait to get cracking this season on a fresh batch of inventive content, and I look forward to collaborating from time to time with you and members of the local music community.

I have always considered my fans to be my record label, and all the CD projects I’ve ever recorded have been financed at least in part by this community. CDs don’t sell like they used to, though. It’s a problem. How do I make something that you will enjoy and share, if not CDs? We all watch and share video, we’re all on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, so I would like to move towards that space with the kind of content that builds an audience. With your help.

So the more you lean in with your support, the more I am going to be able to bring you in the form of engaging new content. As a patron, you get to point to my best work, and say to your friends, ‘I helped him make that’.

Again, I thank you.

Solo showcase at The Gasworks Sept 8/ The Commissionaires Sept 15

August 30, 2017

I go to church at The Meeting House downtown, which is held at The Gasworks building, a funky exposed-brick music venue and HQ for non-profits. It will also be the hub for an unofficial  Supercrawl event on Sept 8! I will host two other singer-songwriters from The Meeting House in a special showcase from 730-10. (admission by donation)


Then on Sept 15 we return as The Commissionaires to have our 1st year anniversary of forming the band!

Tickets for that one are $20 and available at

Live Streaming this Wednesday night from the Lee Lifeson Artpark!

July 17, 2017

Want to join us but can’t get to Toronto on Wed nite? Here’s where you want to be:

Your contribution helps us cover the costs of livestreaming the event, bringing in great PA and techs to run everything. Thanks for your support and enjoy this special event!


What a RUSH!!! (memories from last year!)

July 14, 2017

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson received the key to the city from mayor John Tory on Saturday afternoon. Their new park, the Lee Lifeson Art Park, got its first song from yours truly. I was asked by the band to come and perform ‘Subdivisions’. It was a huge honour for me to be asked to join these guys again to play this song, and this time around was so much fun. I’ve never played to so many umbrellas in my life! Everyone in the Rush camp was so personable and cool, and the Rush fans were generous and kind as always. Nice to get to meet Strombo as well, who interviewed the boys on stage, where they gave me a nice shout out for my performance. I had to jet outta there right after so I could make my brother Jeff’s wedding in Ayr, and I even had another gig later that night in Georgetown. Kookoo day, but really good for the soul all around. Big congrats to Geddy and Alex for your huge contribution to the city of Toronto! Well deserved honour. Thanks for letting me be part of it!

Thanks to all who linked the posts on Facebook and YouTube and for the 27K views, 400 shares and thousands of likes! I could feel the love from you guys, and it was amazing! Billboard wrote a nice article here. Check out my soundcheck video below!

Thanks to Andy Wright for these great photos!

14329915_10157410748295150_3833476734272812225_n 14372274_10153734973887041_3720979418455468588_o jacob_alex_geddy_3026 jacob_alex_geddy_3012 jacob_alex_geddy_2968 jacob_alex_geddy_2964 jacob_alex_geddy_3880 jacob_alex_geddy_2846 14409506_10153735045952041_1925378101724589350_o

RUSH the Artpark July 19! Help me and David Barrett play music at the Lee Lifeson Artpark.

June 20, 2017

Are you a Rush fan? Are you crushed that Rush are done with touring (for now)? We’re with you. David Barrett and I want to bring a night of Rush songs PLUS original music inspired by these titans of progressive rock— to the break the silence over at ‘Lee Lifeson Artpark‘ in Toronto on Wed July 19.

If we reach our goal then it’s ON.

And if not–then the silence wins!

I’m Jacob Moon, and I’m a singer-songwriter from Hamilton ON. I have been a Rush fan for a long time. Imagine my surprise when Geddy, Alex and Neil asked me to perform ‘Subdivisions‘ for them when they were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! Imagine my delight when they asked me to perform it again when they opened the Lee Lifeson Artpark! Since then they commissioned me to record ‘Something For Nothing‘ for their 2112 reissue. Crazyness. Still getting over that one…

Since that day of its opening, the Artpark has been largely silent. There is no plan for regular music there, and we’re pretty sure no one has played a Rush song there since.

That’s where we need YOU!

It seemed a crime to me and my friend David Barrett (David Barrett Trio) that no one was carrying the torch for this music at this special place, designed to honor Geds and Lerxst. I perform several Rush songs in my set regularly, and we would love to take up the challenge to add a few more, along with songs from our original catalogs and a few related covers.

We would like to come and perform a duo concert at the Lee Lifeson Artpark in Toronto on Wed July 19 at 7pm. The idea is to make it FREE admission to the public where you can come and bring your friends. Plus, if we reach our goal, we will be including a live stream feed, so our international fans can enjoy the show, even if they can’t make it to Toronto. But only if we get the funding! Otherwise, this owl won’t fly!

We are going to use the funds to cover costs associated with recording a new dup version of ‘Time Stand Still‘ by Rush (one of the perks listed to the right of your screen), as well as costs associated with production, rehearsal, promotion, permit fees and personnel so that we can bring this special event free of charge to all.

Thank you for your support in making this event possible. Our dream is to make it an annual gathering of fans and locals. You are keeping the music alive, and you have our gratitude and our commitment to bring you a night to remember!

If we happen to raise more than we had hoped to for this concert, we will invest it into better sound and visuals for the concert, as well as a bigger push to the community.  Also if we receive enough extra funding, it will help us produce more Rush covers for you to enjoy (and yes, we take requests!).

Summer’s going fast
Nights growing colder
Children growing up
Old friends growing older
Freeze this moment
A little bit longer
Make each sensation
A little bit stronger
Experience slips away..”

-Time Stand Still (Peart/Lee/Lifeson)