I have never been one to look for a straight job. That’s why this new gig of mine is so exciting—it’s anything but a 9-5 grind, and the creative possibilities are limitless!

Maybe you’ve been a steadfast supporter for a while, and you’re curious about PATREON. It’s a new platform that allows artists to spend their time making art for their followers, and those supporters in turn commit their $ so that the creative content keeps coming. It’s like the old patronage model, but for regular folks (you don’t have to be rich to commit to the $1 level).

I hope you’ll check out this new, exciting new space and join me there—your support will make all the difference in the world to my creative process! Maybe you’re discovering my music for the first time. WELCOME! Whatever brought you here, I want to  extend my appreciation for your valuable time.

Here, I will be making weekly music video segments—just for you!

Looking back, all my career highlights have been kickstarted by a successful, well-made video. Now I am looking for my next breakthrough, and I believe it will come from making more quality, engaging videos, on a regular basis, plus exclusive content for YOU, my faithful friends.

I will bring you Looping Videos, Covers, Originals, Lessons, Product reviews, Interviews, Behind-the-scenes, Collaborations and more! I can’t wait to get cracking this season on a fresh batch of inventive content, and I look forward to collaborating from time to time with you and members of the local music community.

I have always considered my fans to be my record label, and all the CD projects I’ve ever recorded have been financed at least in part by this community. CDs don’t sell like they used to, though. It’s a problem. How do I make something that you will enjoy and share, if not CDs? We all watch and share video, we’re all on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, so I would like to move towards that space with the kind of content that builds an audience. With your help.

So the more you lean in with your support, the more I am going to be able to bring you in the form of engaging new content. As a patron, you get to point to my best work, and say to your friends, ‘I helped him make that’.

Again, I thank you.