Are you a Rush fan? Are you crushed that Rush are done with touring (for now)? We’re with you. David Barrett and I want to bring a night of Rush songs PLUS original music inspired by these titans of progressive rock— to the break the silence over at ‘Lee Lifeson Artpark‘ in Toronto on Wed July 19.

If we reach our goal then it’s ON.

And if not–then the silence wins!

I’m Jacob Moon, and I’m a singer-songwriter from Hamilton ON. I have been a Rush fan for a long time. Imagine my surprise when Geddy, Alex and Neilasked me to perform ‘Subdivisions‘ for them when they were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! Imagine my delight when they asked me to perform it again when they opened the Lee Lifeson Artpark! Since then they commissioned me to record ‘Something For Nothing‘ for their 2112 reissue. Crazyness. Still getting over that one…

Since that day of its opening, the Artpark has been largely silent. There is no plan for regular music there, and we’re pretty sure no one has played a Rush song there since.

That’s where we need YOU!

It seemed a crime to me and my friend David Barrett (David Barrett Trio) that no one was carrying the torch for this music at this special place, designed to honor Geds and Lerxst. I perform several Rush songs in my set regularly, and we would love to take up the challenge to add a few more, along with songs from our original catalogs and a few related covers.

We would like to come and perform a duo concert at the Lee Lifeson Artpark in Toronto on Wed July 19 at 7pm. The idea is to make it FREE admission to the public where you can come and bring your friends. Plus, if we reach our goal, we will be including a live stream feed, so our international fans can enjoy the show, even if they can’t make it to Toronto. But only if we get the funding! Otherwise, this owl won’t fly!

We are going to use the funds to cover costs associated with recording a new dup version of ‘Time Stand Still‘ by Rush (one of the perks listed to the right of your screen), as well as costs associated with production, rehearsal, promotion, permit fees and personnel so that we can bring this special event free of charge to all.

Thank you for your support in making this event possible. Our dream is to make it an annual gathering of fans and locals. You are keeping the music alive, and you have our gratitude and our commitment to bring you a night to remember!

If we happen to raise more than we had hoped to for this concert, we will invest it into better sound and visuals for the concert, as well as a bigger push to the community.  Also if we receive enough extra funding, it will help us produce more Rush covers for you to enjoy (and yes, we take requests!).

Summer’s going fast
Nights growing colder
Children growing up
Old friends growing older
Freeze this moment
A little bit longer
Make each sensation
A little bit stronger
Experience slips away..”

-Time Stand Still (Peart/Lee/Lifeson)